Gambia ballet factory

Nova Grace Productions has linked up with a ballet school in The Gambia, West Africa, to support their staff and teachers in providing ballet classes and everything that goes with it, to children in the area.

Gambia Ballet Factory is dedicated to creating new opportunities in dance for young people age 6-18 living in The Gambia, West Africa, where interest in ballet and contemporary dance is growing but where opportunities are few.

GBF draws on the inspiration of African-American ballerina Misty Copeland (now principal at American Ballet Theatre) and Michaela DePrince’s journey from an orphanage in the war-torn  West African country of Sierra Leone to prima ballerina and principal dancer at the Dutch National Ballet. 

They are dedicated to creating a world-class standard for ballet classes, lessons, training, tuition, performance education and expression in The Gambia, and committed to educating and inspiring future generations of ballet dancers and audiences there.

GBF currently run workshops and free weekly classes which aim in increase participation in ballet. In the future they hope to use their centre to offer free community services to other foundations and schools, and use ballet to present life-changing messages that will re-orientate families, children, and youth, re-channel and help develop personal skills they can use positively in life.

At Nova Grace Productions, we have embarked on a partnership with GBF and have committed to supporting the fantastic work that they are doing for young dancers in The Gambia. At present we are collecting all ballet related items which will enable GBF to continue and further its work. Items include:

  • Flat ballet shoes (good condition second hand also appreciated)
  • Leotards
  • Tights
  • Ballet DVDs
  • Ballet music CDs
  • Ballet books
  • Ballet costumes

If you wish to make a donation, click here to get in touch. All donations are highly appreciated and will make a huge difference to the lives and futures of these children who have so little.

In future, we are looking to tour the Our World Project to The Gambia and provide teaching as well as material support from the UK to GBF.