Our World Project

The Our World Project, started and directed by Larry Heimgartner,  is a collection of thirty minute plays, designed to focus on social ills and the difficult, confusing and sometimes disturbing problems facing today's youth. The plays give voice to a wide range of subjects and includes inspirational moments, meant to stimulate and encourage discussion. To find out more about The Our World Project and Heimgartner click here.

In the past few year Nova Grace Productions has collaborated with Heimgartner several of these plays, developing them from a straightforward presentation of script to staged and choreographed performances. A Glimpse into Our World of Dance is an inspirational play that takes the audience on a journey through a dancers life and inspires young people to work towards their dreams. The play is currently being performed in schools, colleges and dance schools in Los Angeles, California.

...let us be the dream weavers ... the shapers of tomorrow ... with all its wonder and hope ... power and magic

Larry W. Heimgartner

Another play which has emerged more recently is Our World XVII: Shadows, broaching the topic of mental health and particularly depression. For more details about this project, click here to follow a link through to the page.

(Dana Middle School, Pola High School, Los Angeles, CA, October 2015)