The Prince's Trust

Nova Grace Productions has received significant support from The Prince's Trust in London for a play from The Our World Project on mental health awareness.

Our World XVII: Shadows specifically focuses on the subject depression and suicide, engaging intellectually and emotionally on the topic. The 30 minute play is a continuous monologue, giving an insight into the mind and providing a character that many people can relate to. The play uses dance as a tool for expression and non-verbal communication, effectively breaking down stigmas and encouraging people to open up about their own experiences.

                                     "Turn your face to the sun...                                                                                                                                                                      and the shadows will fall behind"

Larry W. Heimgartner

We are currently working with staff and students at Leeds City College and Barnsley College through the Performing Arts and Health and Social Care departments to raise awareness and provide support in this area.

Can you help? We are looking for other partners and supporters for this project, to enable us to reach others and change lives affected by mental health disorders.